Using the investment journey calculator you calculate how much your investments will grow over a period of time. The parameters which have an impact on the final investment value are the initial investment, periodic contributions, contribution frequency, the expected growth and the duration. Due to the factored in compound interest, the investment value grows exponentially over time.

An investment journey is usually characterized by a shift in risk tolerance and availability of money over the course of a lifetime. In certain phases of a life, investors are more willing to take risks and expect higher returns while in other phases, security and the protection of accumulated wealth is the main focus. Similarly, in certain phases of life, investors have more money available to invest while in others less. This concept is integrated into the investment journey calculator in the form of "phases" for which you specify the parameters for the specified duration.

  • Initial Investment - The initial amount of money you start your investment journey with
  • Periodic Contribution - The amount of money you want to add to your investments in the specified contribution frequency
  • Contribution Frequency - How often you want to contribute the specified periodic contribution
  • Annual Growth - The expected rate at which your investments grow annually (e.g. MSCI World: 8,08 % in the past 10 years)
  • Duration - The amount of years you plan to follow this investment phase
Phase 1
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